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Is she just not very talkative or very shy maybe?

I have been dating this girl the past two weeks and we have met 4 times, but every single time we meet I have to hold up the conversation, and ask her questions (and she rarely asks back, only sometimes)
the first date we just drove around and got ice cream,
second date we went for a walk,
third date we went to the movies, and on the forth date she came over to my house and we watched tv shows and cuddled and kissed but not more than that.

Before I kissed her on our most recent date, I felt the atmosphere was pretty awkward, but it transformed drastically after we kissed and I felt like we had known for a long time, cuddled like we had been in a relationship for a long time hahah - like she had loosened up after that.

I feel like she likes me a lot when we’re together, she smiles a lot when I talk to her but she still almost never initiates the conversation, she doesn’t text/Snapchat unless I send first.

Is she just shy and takes her time to open up to people or maybe not that talkative?
I don’t think it makes any sense that she doesn’t like me because we have already decided to meet again, as she would most likely have ended this way before if that was the case.
Is she just not very talkative or very shy maybe?
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