Disappearing email with online dating? What should I do next?

i have a technical question for match. I have done it off and on for two years - maybe end it for 3 or 6 months and then come on. usually I don't get anybody worthwhile contacting me so I keep it as a side show. there is an interesting guy who contacted me sat - a good amount in common. Anyway I responded to his first message and then he sent me another message on sunday late evening which I thought I responded to also. I saw it wasnt in my sent box on monday and so I decided to send a similar message and clicked to cc my email - it still wasn't in my sent box nor did it cc my gmail. it also says that the last action was him emailing me (versus me). so I'm not sure if my email went through. my acct seems to be ok again and I tested it with a friend sending me an email and me responding (the cc function worked now).

so I'm not sure if I should ask if he got my email? what do you think? I can wait a while first too of course. but it's kind of llike technological uncertainty. I don't want to seem too eager but I'm interested. Recommendations?


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  • I think you should ask him if he got it