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Should I have followed up with this guy?

So I began speaking to someone from online last week. We have been chatting via Snapchat. He wanted to meet up today. Yet, he said that we should meet half way (he lives 30 min away). If a guy is interested in meeting a girl, I feel like she should pick the spot and he should accommodate what she wants.

I said we should speak on the phone before meeting up. I spoke to him for an hour. And he says, “if you’re interested in meeting up let me know. You said you wanted to get the vibe on the phone before meeting up so I will let you decide”. It’s been almost 24 hours since we spoke and he hasn’t followed up with me. I feel like he’s not interested if he’s not following up. I ended the conversation to go work out from yesterday. He asked me to follow up but I think if he’s interested then he should try making the move.
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Should I have followed up with this guy?
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