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He is sending mixed signals. I don't know what I should think or do?

I have been talking to this guy for 2 months.
Every days a thousands times a day. Good morning and good night texts but since a week he seems different. We met 3 times in total he never tried anything no kiss no nothing. I really love talking to him because it's so natural and fun. He is a good listener. I went on some crazy stuffs lately and he was really there for me.

I was in the hospital last week at the ER and when he texted me at 11pm I told him I was there and he was like can I call you why didn't you told me.. A few hours later I got a drunk text from him saying : if you know how to count dont count on me with a lot of laughing emojis... The next day he said he dont know why he said that probably just because he was too far away to come at the hospital (he was at his cottage). Things went back to normal for a few days. Then on Thursday we were making jokes about horoscopes. I screenshoted him a text saying the Gemini woman would brought a lot of joy by her bubbly personality. I told him that I was a lifechanger and he responded that he would never quit drinking alcohol and hunt (i never asked him to do that). I told him I was kinda mad and he laughed and send me hearts emojis... Yesterday he sent me a snap at 2h30 am of his dog but no goodnight nothing. Same today snap of the dog but no good morning...

I didn't texted him either and I am wondering if I should ask him where is this thing going between us or leave it like this. He was not my physical type at the beggining but I love how things were simple but now I dont feel good about this.
What should I do
He is sending mixed signals. I don't know what I should think or do?
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