Is he waiting for me to text him?

OK.. met this guy on nye..we live an hour apart. he messaged me on facebook and gave me his number and I messaged him back with mine. We went on a couple dates.. each time he initiated and asked if I was free to hang out. We only texted a few times here and there during the week and then had the date on weekends. The dates went really well.

Date 1 (double date) :he drove here. we drank, he was really interested and we cuddled and talked all night

talked on phone for like 3 hours during the week.. he called cause he had drank.

Date 2 : I drove there. we had dinner, drank at a club... I met his friends and they told him they approve. this time I got completely wasted, sick, passed out and he took care of me. cuddled the next day. kisses on cheek.

talked on phone for 3 hours again.. he called again cause he had drank...

Date 3 (2 days be4 Valentine's day): he drove here. dinner, movies, DRANK.. AGAIN... ughhh and again! I got really wasted and this time I was so bad I threw up a lot and passed out at my place. didn't even get to talk or anything throughout the night. He took care of me again.This is where it gets weird. next morning he wasn't feeling well either and I just lay with him til he had to go b.c. he had a basketball game at 1 and had to leave by 12:30 pm. he asked me if I wanted to go with him and I said. "no.. it's not convenient for u" bc. the game is an hour away and he would have to drive me back an hr to my place and then drive all the way back since he lives an hr away..

I had baked him cookies and gave him that.. and then he left.. and ever since then we haven't really talked much. usually he would text me .. and on Valentine's day (the day after) I was sad because I didn't hear from him. Is he not interested in me anymore b.c. I acted a fool by getting wasted.. or do you think he thinks I'm not interested anymore. ahhg. I did text him tho and asked if he could hang out next weekend and he replied, "yes!" but that was it and I haven't heard from him in 4 days. should I Text him and try to start some conversation or just wait til the weekend nears and then ask him?

Did he lose interest? blah any input appreciated!

PS. I am not drinking so much.. or at all next time I learned my lesson..


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  • text/call him