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Moving from texting to socials?

So I matched with this girl on tinder, we got chatting everything is going great and we were gonna meet up this Wednesday. I asked for her number and she happily gave it to me. Started texting instead of using tinder and a day or two goes by and she txts saying Wednesday won't work anymore as her parents are spending the day and night with her as it'll be her birthday, which I completely understand as family comes first. We still plan to meet up and she'll text me when she's free next. But as great as texting is its not as easy to send things like memes or funny pics and links to each other on, so I was thinking about asking her for one of her socials, like messenger or Snapchat, etc. Do you think its too soon to ask for one of her socials or all good?
Moving from texting to socials?
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