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How do I flirt with the type of chicks in this generation?

I'm a 20 year old 5'6" straight average body male by the way and I'm kinda having a hard time. Here's a little about me:I'm a chill laid back guy and I'm not a boring person I'd like to say I'm pretty goofy at times. I treat people with the same respect as they would treat me, I have a good job and moved out when I was 18 and can live independently. Things I like to do is occasionally go party, I'm interested in basketball and pretty up to date with the social media parts, tbh I'm a pretty flexible guy when it comes to activities from fishing to skateboarding. I have already thought about it and it might be my approach or the areas I go to talk to girls. Usually I either start off with something in our environment to chat up about then I introduce myself and just ask questions to get to know her but I can feel her vibe is that she doesn't want more from me. I don't know if it's my "game" or just flat out bad luck. I didn't really car for girls late in highschool because I was figuring out my life for after but I haven't had a girlfriend since sophomore year 😂 and I'd like one anyday now. Ladies and gents could I get some detailed advice or tips that may help me. I can also answer further questions if this paragraph didn't cover a certain area. Respectful comment and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
How do I flirt with the type of chicks in this generation?
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