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Guys - Do you like double texts?

Im seeing someone who seems to be interested but on weekends he's always busy and he's with his friends out on the streets if im honest. Yes i know why would i want someone whos on the streets, i do like him though but on the weekends he's so busy to talk sometimes the whole day we won't speak since he's busy. Today he hasn't replied for 20 hours since he's out. Shall i message him again or wait and leave him too it. im not mad its just a bit annoying when im bored. I dont wanna seem like a pyscho im not his girlfriend or official so i dont wanna call him and ask what he's doing or where he is as he's his own person. Do i wait or just leave a nice text asking where he is? again i dont wanna seem too interested? help
Guys - Do you like double texts?
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