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I dont really know what to do, please help?

So, me and my crush (x) like each other. He is 1 year older than me and im 15. We decided to date only once im done with my 10th grade Board Exams. Well he pretty much agreed to that. Our parents dont know yet. His sister ( my bff) know that we like each other. I talk to him via social media, i am not allowed on it but i downloaded it anyways cause this was the only way i could talk to him. Me and x talk to each other everyday over text. We even talk about making out but it hasn't happened yet. Unfortunately I get distracted easily so i cannot focus on my studies much. He tries to help me in my studies many a times, he suggests me tips before my tests. Even in school i end up thinking about him whenever im distracted cause he just finished studying in my school a few months back. I take a deep breath and try to get my focus back. Now he has his grade 11 starting today and he has a very tight schedule. First only it is really difficult for us to meet due to my restrictions and now he has a very limited time for his phone too. I keep reminding myself that now he is busy too so i should rather focus on my own studies. But i always have an issue of getting defocused so this gets more difficult. I want to control myself because 10th grade is really important and im an average student. I want to remind myself to study and get my priorities right.
I dont really know what to do, please help?
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