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How to meet her?

I don't want to make this a long question, but i am looking for detailed input, so thanks in advance for your time.

I like a girl who is a friend of a guy who used to be part of my hangout group. I saw hee once, i noticed her but i had a girlfriend at the time so i didn't really pay that much attention and dont think she even saw me. Bottom line, we haven't even been introduced or ever talked in person. Couple of months ago the guy who used to be my friend uploaded an Instagram photo with her, she looks really nice and been single now i added hee to Instagram. She accepted my request and added me back. I wanted to talk to hee but a the time i was focused on passing my bae exam to become a lawyer and realized i couldn't afford the time. Now, i am a lawyer and would like to meet her, but dont really know how to approach. I dont want to waste my chances by writting to her on instagram, since its been months since i added her and she most probably wouldn't reply (let me know your opinion anyways). Had this idea to make things different. She has a dancing studio, so i thought of sending her something "been someone who admires her work" (she's a very good dancer) and eventually introducing myself in peeson as the sender. I figured if this is something that intrigued her, she would post about it on instagram and that would be my signal for go. But im not sure how would a girl feel about this, so im looking for girls advice on the matter. What would you feel and what would be the appropriate way if not that one. And guys, if you ever been on similar situation, your input is most welcome. Finally i want to clarify i dont go to the guy who i used to hang out with because its been 2 years since we even talked and he seems very protective of her, dont want to wast my shot like that either, if im gonna fail i prefer it to be because of what i did and not because of what this guy might tell her about me.
How to meet her?
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