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Was she making fun of me?

So this girl has been spending a lot of nights with me, we only hooked up once but she's come over 5 times and we chilled at bars several times, long story, but she siad she just wants casual bc she's got an on/off guy that she lives with but she's been opening up to me a lot as well and it seems like she wants more than casual, but last night she went back home instead of coming to my house last minute and told me she wanted him and not me, that she loves him and what not, so i dropped it and we didn't talk at all today, first time in 3 weeks and then at like 10pm she asks how im doing and an hour later i said "alright, hbu" and she just sent me a smiley face, i wasn't sure how to respond so i just said "good for you" and waited an hour and then said "wyd" and she never responded, was she just busting my balls bc i wanted more and she thinks its a joke?
Was she making fun of me?
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