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Should I give it a chance?

We matched on tinder and we started speaking on snapchat afterwards. We spoke for a few weeks then he just stopped speaking to me. When he posted a snapchat of being on a date I imagined he got a girlfriend then so I deleted him. Fast forward months later, he kept watching my stories and showing interest again and messaging me (didnt know at the time). We matched on bumble and he brought up the snapchat thing so re-added him and so all of his messages.

Then one week later, he doesn't reply or speak to me in 2 days so I assumed same thing was happening so I told him it wasn't going to work etc and just deleted him. Then he messages me AGAIN saying he was working etc. He works in the military. He is based an hour away from my parents house and his actual home is one hour away from where I am moving to. He is away for 3 weeks then at his home for 3 weeks.

We were supposed to go on our first date last week before he went off back home but he cancelled on the day for a work night out as his colleague was leaving. So now I will have to wit for 6 weeks to see him. We speak steadily but I always have to make the effort and he hasn't bothered messaging me at all today. He has a life I know but its the date thing that still bothers me.

He told me the date weeks ago was with a ex that he broke up with 2 years ago and they went out to see if there was something still there and he said there wasn't. I just have a bad feeling about the whole thing. And I am at a point where I would rather stay single because every person I have dated over the past 6 months has been a time waster or a wishy washy person and since I am moving I really can't be bothered with the drama. So should I end it or give it a few days?
Should I give it a chance?
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