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Is there any way to find a life partner if I don't want to be in the dating game?

So I have had a girlfriend we lived together and i loved her but we broke up. Despite my best efforts, i can't change it. It does not matter if i changed she won't even talk to me. Id like to find a someone new but in reflecting about relationships. Reading lots of spiritual books and exploring myself. I think romantic love does not exist. I honestly feel that love is found through acceptance. Not having every ego need to be fulfilled. Expectations are bottomless once one thing is filled you will want something else there too. Not that you should be with a person you have nothing in common with but the focus should be on acceptance than finding the ideal partner. To keep trying and to keep the love going i think is a choice not an emotions because emotions are in cycles of ups and downs no matter what. Then when your surface needs aren't met you just toss the other person to the curb with no remorse, them and never speak again. Thats not what i want thats not love. Thats what happened to me. Yet I dont want to be in a relationship based on ego again. I want a partner to fight to make it work. Yet im in the dating game everyone is having these same values. They never work and they constantly leave everyone involved in pain. So what are the alternatives to finding a good person to work things out with, to grow with, to love and accept? Not a vain ego girlfriend that is mainly just a sexual thing and will come and go. When everyone is playing in the illusion of romantic love.
Is there any way to find a life partner if I don't want to be in the dating game?
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