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Is he saying he doesn’t want a relationship with me?

So I’ve been getting to know this guy for the last 4 months, half way through that point his ex came back into the picture & due to still having lingering feelings for her wanted to try give it another go.

we remained friends and still talked, during that time we both developed feelings for each other, however, due to his ex I decided to step back and said we couldn’t just be friends. He recently told me that things weren’t going well between him & his ex and he was unsure on how he felt. I told him how I thought he was only with her because he wants to settle down & she’s been his longest relationship, so he’s scared of letting go and trying again.

He then said ‘Even if things end between me & (ex) I think it will take me a while before I get into another relationship.’ ... which I said was understandable as he needed time to get over her and wouldn’t be healthy jumping into something straight away.

Since then things have broke off between between them (he told me) & hotting up between us, such as connecting with me on Facebook, calling/FaceTiming me, coming down to see me. However, he’s now cooled off. Did he say it will take him a while to get into another relationship to let me know he doesn’t see anything long term with me? Or he doesn’t want a relationship with me in the future?
Is he saying he doesn’t want a relationship with me?
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