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Should I let him go?

So an ex has come back into my life and we’ve been talking for the past 4 and a half months. We were together for a year and 3 months and after we broke up, we didn’t talk for three and a half months. He came back and has been pursuing me ever since. However, he is leaving for his hometown in Ohio soon. He just got out of the military so he feels he needs to go back home because he’s been away from his hometown for 7 years. I live in Illinois so he will be about 7 hours away.

he's leaving in a week and a half. Meanwhile we aren’t in a committed relationship. He says he wants to be with me and isn’t unsure about me but he’s felt pressure from me as we’ve had many conversations about commitment but he says it makes him feel pressured. He wants to not feel that pressure and wants it to happen organically and he wants to know we can enjoy each other as friends first before entering something serious because when he’s in, he’s all in. I do understand this but I wonder if I should even continue things because he’s leaving soon and has things with his own life to figure out. My friends and family also put pressure on me to have to commitment conversations all the time and that hasn’t seemed to help. I don’t know that I have peace at this point and while I want to have faith and give things a try long distance and even uncommitted still, I don’t know if that’s smart or wise. Part of me wants to believe everyone else in that it will fail.

i don’t even know what to do at this point because I’ve had so many conversations with him at this point and he probably won’t take me seriously if I have another.
Should I let him go?
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