Should I take his offer for him to fly me out to see him?

I met this guy a few times and he seems really nice - we have never even kissed but there is clearly some chemistry between us. We have been speaking for about 2 weeks now non stop and exchanging emails etc. He invited to fly me out to see him for a few days as otherwise we won't see each other for another few months as he is working in the US and I am in Australia. My friends give me mixed advice, saying that if I go then he may expect a lot from me especially as he paid for my ticket but then if I don't go I will always be wondering, advice?

I even had an issue trying to put this question into the right category as its definitely not dating but it seems like more than just flirting...


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  • I would say better safe than sorry and not go.

    Don't really want to be trapped in an awkward situation miles away from home feeling like you owe someone something.

    If he's a really cool guy he'll wait a few months to see you.

    • So... I went and now `i am smitten. f***,

    • Heh nice :)

      Glad it worked out for you.

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