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I’m confused about his behaviour?

I was speaking to this guy for a few weeks, he was very consistent which is what I liked, he would ask to FaceTime me etc and showed a genuine interest in me, and then we met up, we had an amazing time, he was so happy, affectionate and made it very clear that he wanted something to work out long term- he actually said “I really want this to work out” out of the blue, amongst other statements about our future- without me bringing anything up. We had a great day, and then all of a sudden he stopped replying- I told him how I felt over the weekend, I said I felt a little vulnerable and like he might have just used me for a good time, to which he assured me that was not the case, he assured me that he wants something serious. I said if he wasn’t feeling anything serious he could tell me- He said he was just busy. I find it weird that he got so busy as soon as he spent a day with me. I feel used. I trusted him- I told him this and he said it absolutely was not the case. Then I told him again that if he didn’t have time or energy to invest then he should tell me so I can remove myself from the situation early on- I have tried to be so mature about this. Again, he apologised, and he said he does have energy and gave me the idea that he does want to pursue something. But he hasn’t replied to me for nearly two days and I feel so anxious. I genuinely feel like he needed some female affection and I gave him that and now he’s skiving. I really like him, I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried communicating and given him two opportunities to back out- but he doesn’t.
I’m confused about his behaviour?
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