Is he too short to date?

I'm 5'3" and he's 5'4"... I really like him and find him pretty attractive (not the hottest) but love his personality and could see us being together. His voice can be a little annoying as well. Besides those 2 things, I really think we could be perfect together. Should I date him regardless of his height? I know it sounds awful, but I like a tall man to protect and feel womanly around, not like a twin girlfriend next to me!


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  • If you like him and think you could be perfect together, then go for it. But keep in mind, if you guys aren't even dating yet and you're already concerned/annoyed at his height and voice, it only gets worse the longer you date and the rose colored glasses come off. Searching for perfection is useless, but I always suggest at least being OK with what someone is bringing to the table. If you're concerned/annoyed, it prob won't work out. You can bet he wouldn't date a girl with physical attributes that concerned him (like a girl being too chubby).

  • "Not like a twin girlfriend Next to me"Lol

    i think it is cool to have the same height and It is fine to him to be taller.

    you said you Love his personality ?then accept him the way he is because it is the way he was born you can't change this and it is silly to leave some1 because he is the same height as you.

    • I know its not his fault so I would feel terrible holding it against him. But I do want a taller guy and myh parents make fun of his height so I know they don't want me with him :(

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    • True, my parents are overly critical of any man I'm with. No one's ever good enough and they don't realize how much it hurts me. Frankly, I only think they care because they want bragging rights to friends and family about how great my life turned out. Sick, huh?

    • Yea,it is like you are using him for compliments.I would say:

      HEEEEY That's my boyfriend not yours to use him for modeling show around your friends and wateva,he makes me happy so that's a good result And my life is great since he is in it,it is enough for me that he makes me smile,So stop making fun of him.

      SEE? That's easy.

      tell them that.