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He was obsessed with me and then he disappeared?

He is 8 years older at me and we met at a cafe. For half a year he was trying to ask me out and reached out to me in every way possible. I felt unsure and used to avoid him. After a while that we hadn’t talked, I texted him and started talking again. He would text and call me all the time saying he misses me and all that. We went out, did some things and then he told me he wanted to see me again. I had exams so we agreed to wait until I finished. After that I reached out and he told me he was seeing someone else. Few weeks went by and we talked again. He called me and talked to me as if nothing had happened; all flirty and stuff. I told him I would go to a town near his and he told me to let him know and if he can come he will. Still, he won’t text me unless I do. In conclusion, my question is: What the fuck is happening?
He was obsessed with me and then he disappeared?
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