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Is My Coworker Interested?

I started working at an investment bank 3 months ago and I think my coworker may have a thing for me. I want to figure out if she’s being nice or wants me pursue her

1. First things first, she is about to turn 30 and I’m 25.
2. She mimics the way I sit in my chair and my tone of voice
3. She always brings up the fact that she is trying to get rid of guys texting her to our other coworker who sits across from her. never talks to me about it though
4. Whenever I walk to my seat she eyes me down (from afar)
5. Every 20min she applies lipstick
6. She plays with her hair a lot around me
7. She’s always looking at what I’m doing on my phone / computer
8. She smiles at me
9. She talks about her family around me
10. She chimes in whenever I’m conversing with a colleague
11. She rotates to me whenever we talk
12. She shared some private details of her life such as smoking weed and details of some of her friends who are divorced
13. One time a coworker mentioned how we hung out and she was interested in what we did
14. She always explains things in detail to me and never one word answers
15. She mentioned some of her activities outside of work
16. For some reason when we I look at my phone she does the same
17. She uses similar slang words I use
Is My Coworker Interested?
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