How can I be flirty through texts so I can get a guy to know I wanna hang out with him?

okay I really like this guy...we have been text for a little over a month. I am usually the one to text him but he seems to like when I do text him, anyway I need some good lines to get him to want to hang out with me and let him know that I like him. I did text him one time and asked him if he was ever going to ask to me to hang out and drink with him and he said he is going to when they don't just have beer, but I want to get him to know I am interested and ask me to hang out. Any suggestions?


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  • ask him to hangout, nothing fancy just straight up asks him if he wants to come chill with you at the mall or wherever. you have your chance to get to know him better and can flirt with him in person a lot easier than over a text and guys love it when girls are strait forward he seems to have some interest if he will text you back for a month.


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