What does this girl want?

She started chatting with me for a couple of weeks. We went on a date with her, kissed quite successful I thought but then a couple days later said: I really like you but don't want to bring you down. as in doesn't want to go out and now has stopped texting mid convo 3 days ago. I'm confused..should I reply?

the 'we' is a mistake I meant 'i', its my final year, she's in the year below


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  • Who are 'we'? Do you happen to be the topper in your class, or are about to write your final exams? Sometimes they literally mean what they say. Or else, it might just be something happening at home..parental pressure perhaps?

    Ask her what the real problem is.

    • i meant 'i' not we, my bad. I'm in the year above her but that's it

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