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Am I really considered shallow?

So I’m 25 and never really dated. I was chubby growing up and never asked out like other girls. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past 2 years and still don’t get approached by guys.

When i was asked out later in HS, they were not by guys I’d want to date and ended up saying no. That is how it’s been: almost every guy that has asked me out I’ve rejected. I don’t feel the vibe and/or find them attractive.

What upsets me is I don’t think I’m ugly and people have told me I’m attractive, so why do I only get asked out by unattractive guys? I think it’s unfair to me because I do put in effort into my appearance. I’ve “dated” here and there for a few months but never by the guy I’d like to date because the guys I find cute don’t approach me. And no , I refuse to approach a guy first. My mother says it’s because I haven’t found the right guy and that’s true but I dunno...
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Am I really considered shallow?
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