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What to do in this situation?

So, I've been with my boyfriend a bit short of a year now. I'm very close with his family. His older sister and I adore each other, his little brother sees me as his own family, his parents invite me for all the holidays, vacations. I'm 15F, he's 16M.
So anyways, we're in the same circle of friends and we were all at his house last week.
What to do in this situation?
Frankly I'm still bothered by this. Its their house and their rules, and I 100% respect that. I would never touch his ass if I was aware his parents were watching. But the whole "you can't ever do this, be less comfortable with each other" seems like they're trying to control the dynamic of our relationship. We're serious, I'm very close with them. To me, it was disrespectful they couldn't even bother to include me in this conversation. I'd be a lot more understanding if I wasn't hearing this all second-hand. I don't know whether to just not go over for a while, go over and pretend it never happened, or address it with them.

I should mention, his parents are INCREDIBLY Pda around us. Talk about kissing, make out in front of us, cuddle, hug for 2 minutes, etc etc.

Apparently his parents were watching, and I grabbed my boyfriends butt. For us this isn't a sexual thing. So after I left, apparently they sat my boyfriend down and gave him a sex talk, & how inappropriate it was and that we were "handsy" (hugging a lot, he was leaving that day for a 2 week trip) and that if we stayed "that comfortable with each other, they would break us up".
What to do in this situation?
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