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Did I just get rejected?

Hi, I'm wondering if this is a way to be rejected? I might be on the autism spectrum (nothing diagnosed, though), so social interaction really confuses me.

The context is that I gave someone I have a giant crush on a love letter for him to read after he moved states a week ago, and we finally had a conversation about it. I'm left feeling really confused and worried, I'm not sure if he rejected me or not?

He told me he thinks I'm wonderful/great and he cried/got happy reading my letter. He said that he knew about somethings I wrote about (possibly the fact that I have a crush on him). Verbatim, he said: "don’t think on it so heavy."

I'm not sure if he's telling me not to think about my crush or his reaction to the letter, because I kept telling him that I think he hates me, etc.

He didn't say he's straight up in love with me, but I'm just confused if he feels the same but doesn't want to say it? Or he's confused by his own feelings for me? Did I get rejected?

Later in the conversation, I told him that I want him in my life for a long time and he said "okay 👌🏼" which was interesting because he never uses emojis.
Did I just get rejected?
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