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I like him but he’s confusing?

So I like my guy friend!! However, I feel like he’s either oblivious or he knows and won’t say anything because he doesn’t feel the same way.

Guy and I we’re talking once I said “sorry for bothering you with my problems.”!

he said your not bothering me, that’s what true friends do. I wanna be your true friend, I hope you know that.” Not I wanna be friend, I wanna be your TRUE friend.

multiple times he’s driven me home and he parked the car and we talked for an hour.

I did get him to play frisbee with me once and I said today “we need to play frisbee” he said “Yes we do”

I told Him that a guy I asked out called me ugly and said “who would date you, your too ugly”

My guy friend said “ should I beat him up”
”don’t take what he said to heart” “don’t believe what he said is it true because you’re amazing and you’re beautiful and you have a lot to offer to someone”

Another time I was upset he drove me home and we talked in his car for 30 minutes. After I texted him thanks for talking to me. He said “ no need to thank, that’s what friends are for love ya ( my name)

i told him him that I thought the guys who called me ugly had a point. He texted him “They NEVER had a point. They were NEVER right. You should always be confident in yourself and what you have to offer”

i just wish I knew for sure if he liked me or not.

i feel like it’s impossible for him not to know but I guess it’s possible
He likes a only as a friend
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I like him but he’s confusing?
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