Kissing my boyfriend?

Okay so my boyfriend and I started going out the day after Valentine's day, and he has been on vacation for february break since Saturday and is coming back this coming up saturday.

**He is shy and we haven't kissed yet.. so the girl kissing the guy first.. Is that "hot or not". We are young teens :D**

ohh and how should I do it if I SHOULD be the one to kiss him first? (like timing and whatnot)


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  • link

    man, sometimes I love the internet :P

    But ya, why not? And guys love when a girl takes initiative.


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  • If you want to kiss him, do it. He's your boyfriend so chances are pretty good he's attracted to you and would like tangible, physical affection to support that.

    When you see him Saturday, give him a hug and then plant a kiss on him. It's not rocket science.

    • bahaha thank yoou (:

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    • Ahh Enchanted you helped but that was kind of a mean comment :)

    • I believe in tough love and brutal honesty. It's part of my charm.

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