So something came up with her, now what?

Ok so I've had a crush on my personal trainer for awhile now. We talk during workouts and over the past months I'd like to think we've gotten to know each other a little.

I've asked her out to a casual lunch that we did, we tried to do it again but things came up on both our ends.

Well I wanted to be direct with her and ask her out for a real date. Of course when the time came I kind of chickened out saying we should hang out, to which she agreed. She told me to send her the details tomorrow and that'll be fun.

The next day I did but then she had something come up. She needed to help a close friend deal with something big, now I was kind of bummed but from what I know about her this is more or less up her alley. She's really there for her friends of course because I've had some bad experiences in my own past I have some doubt as well. Her message reply told me what went down and then she apologized and said maybe we can do it another time.

I'm just not sure though what to do at this point? Should I send her a message asking her if everything went well with her friend? Should I just not do anything until I see her later this week for our workout? Should I try to make plans with her again? I'm so terrible at all this and I know it's pathetic...

right now I feel like being completely direct with her next time I see her and tell her something along the lines of I like you and would like to get to know you better and you to know me better as well, with giving her the out that If this makes you uncomfortable I understand and it's not a big deal. Of course that might also be a bad thing... ugh

Any advice would be appreciated thanks!


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  • Part of me wants to applaud you and say, "Go for it!", thinking this could be like the optimism you see in movies...

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to do what you want to do but there is a part of me that thinks, because she bailed on you (with a valid reason, as stated) you should wait for her to bring it up.

    Definitely ask a/b her friend, if things worked out as that might give you something to talk about but essentially, things are in *her* court. There is this lingering *date/hang out* thing between you two and IMO, I think it's up to her to bring it up.

    Just keep in mind that, since she's your PT, she may feel uncomfortable, whether she likes you as more or not. I mean, you are providing part of her income so it's not like she wants to be a bitch.


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