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Guys, does starting a new job mean you put dating on hold?

I started seeing a guy while he was home for the holidays this year. It was like a friends with benefits thing for the last few months because he was finishing grad school in another state, but he'd come home frequently and every time we'd grab a drink and he would make sure to see me/check in. He's back home now and we've seen each other about once a week since he moved back to his hometown (where I live) a month ago and obviously he is busy with a new life and his first real job and he's getting used to being a real adult, but I'm a little worried because when I asked him if he was going to have any free time this week, he said probably not, that he was going to start getting busier with work. That was a couple days ago, and usually if we are going to make plans, he is good about making them in advance. I haven't heard from him in three days, and we have no plans to see each other soon. This is the first time I'm feeling insecure about our situation because I just don't want him to ghost me after we've been involved for so long... I kind thought maybe he kept in touch knowing he would be back and it would become more serious...

Guys, does starting a new job and a new life make you put dating on hold a bit? What do you think he's thinking of me/any idea where I fit in his life? I worry I'm just the girl he's hooking up with casually and he won't want a relationship as he starts his new life?
Guys, does starting a new job mean you put dating on hold?
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