Dating a guy the same age as you?

I'm 16 and I'm looking for a girlfriend. I look basically 16 or a little younger, but I know a lot of girls like to date older guys at my age. I'm not muscular or macho, however, I think I am good looking and I am very mentally mature for my age.

So my question is this. Do you think most girl who are 16 would date me based on this information, or would they date older guys and I have to try and go for a girl who is younger?

(I don't hugely mind going younger but I don't want to date a kiddy girl because they are just annoying. I want to date a nice grown up type girl, and I'm sure there are 15 and 14 year old of that sort, but they are rarer :) )

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  • im 21 and I wouldn't date a guy under 25. I'm not into immature men.

    • You're in for a lot of disappointment when you find many men 25 and older are immature. hell, a lot of women too. I don't know what the hell is happening, but it seems like people just aren't growing up these days :\

    • oh I know that people are still immature at that age, hopefully a little less so than the younger ones though.

    • And you would be surprised how many mature guys there are who are under 25

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  • I'd date guys my age as long as they weren't perverted jerks. Then they're annoying and I'll go older. But if you're mature, you may have some luck with girls your age.

    • ohai XD I just got a new answer so looking through these from 4 months ago. This was before we were friends XD ha ha cooool.

  • You can totally get a girl your own age, but I must be the weird one. I'm an 18yr old dating someone who's 15

  • You can for sure. I'm even dating a guy a year younger.

  • I'm 16 and I only date guys my own age, well occasionally the odd senior (18) so I can get into a party I'm pretty popular so getting older guys isn't a problem for me, but when I don't want something lol yes I am aware I sound like a bitch, I go for my age. Ah why not use the 18 year olds it's not like they are taking me to there room to get to know me and my personality lol :) but yea my age is my best bet

  • I'm 16 and I date guys my age. But I would date a junior or senior. Definitely NOT a freshman though.

  • I'm older than you now, but when I was a teen I dated guys my age, a little bit older and a little bit younger. It worked so well that I'm still doing it! :)


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