Dating ONLINE - is he trying to catch me?

so, there's this guy, that I've been dating, I made the HUGE mistake having sex with him (after all was good, so I'm fine with this...) he did text me the "morning after" to say hi and stuff (one thursday) and Friday night just to "let me know" that he was spending the weekend in a ski resort (he is into snowboarding), so I didn't expected him to contact me the whole weekend and was okay having fun with my friends...

but someone from the same website contact me on Monday, "coincidentaly" works in the same place and I got a feeling that he was testing me because this another guy doesn't match with me, what decreases the possibilities of the site showed him my profile as a possible "match".

as soon as I answer the another guy, he posted a comment in my facebook about one of my pics.

is he testing me? to see if I'm gonna to date the another guy?


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  • Sounds like you have a stalker on you hands...