Guys, Longest you've gone in between calling a girl?

He's made it clear he's into me and when we do talk it's for hours and hours. He sounds so happy when he picks up the phone- which he always does, it never goes to voicemail. But we're both SUPER busy. I go days without calling him and he goes days without calling me.

Curious how long is too long for him to call me? And vice versa...


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  • lol me and my girlfriend had a conversation from 12:00am to 6:00 am. It's things like this that makes you know you definitely click XD

    • The last three times we talked it lasted for 3 hours each time, but he hasn't called me in almost 6 days. I know he thinks I'm great and beautiful because he tells me all the time, but he hasn't called and I want him to! He's really busy and I always feel like I'm bothering him so I haven't called. I want him to chase me a bit so I know he's GENUINELY interested in me

    • He's

      a) nervous to start it

      b) really busy

      c) ...thinks it's kinda a creeper move (K THIS IS WHY I DIDN"T CALL BTW...i know I'm an amazing guy)

      d) not intrested in talking (this is probably just UTTER BS, but you never know every guy is weird)

      e) his phone can't dial (LOOK. IT"S POSSIBLE...k yea not likely but...shush. it's possible)

      now if you want the chase. I guess say like "brb gtg for sec, call me back in like 10 minutes?" so he gets a tad bit more comfortable calling you

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  • I have the same situation... nut I'm not so busy so I never know if he just don't wanna talk / text / see me again, is a torture...

    • Yeah, he always tell me to call him, but I don't want to do all the chasing! I don't know where I stand with him and if letting too much time pass will make him call me or LESS likely to call me.