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Socially awkward can’t tell if he’s interested?

Ok this guy is SUPER socially awkward. He isn’t shy just more on the dark dark side with his humor (I know this isn’t super descriptive). The first day we texted back and forth all day, day 2 and 3 less frequent but would still message me. Day 4 he came over and we cuddled all night long (like not even a full hour of sleep). He didn’t pressure for sex (we did do other things) but not intercourse. He held onto me all night. Playing with my hair, rubbing up and down by body, kissing me on the forehead the whole nine yards. The next day I was running late and was kind of short when we were out the door and saying goodbye. I conversed with
Him briefly via text that night. The next day I didn’t text him at all so he texted me. But when he texts me he doesn’t carry on the conversation all that much and the convos are rather short. I don’t know if this is because he is awkward or what. I just need someone to perhaps analyze this guy. Is he trying to just keep himself relevant or is he interested and just being awkward...
Socially awkward can’t tell if he’s interested?
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