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Did this date go bad or good?

I just got back from a date. He travelled 3.5 hours to see me for the first time, so I’m scared I disappointed him. In the car it was half talking half silence. I was unbelievably nervous and awkward. First we went to a movie which was obviously silence mostly. Then we went mini golfing which was pretty fun and we were socializing and having fun (at least I think he was). It took us forever to decide what to do, as we’re both indecisive. But after each thing we did he asked what else we should do (is it a good sign he kept wanting to do things?) we finally went to a restaurant which was mostly good we joked and stuff. But a few times he went on his phone. After that he asked what else we should do and I said I should get home so he can get home for work tomorrow. We made eye contact a lot but at the same time frequently avoided eye contact, as we were both kinda awkward. The drive home it was almost completely silent. When I got out I said it was fun and thanked him and he said “see you later”.
Did this date go bad or good?
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