Do men like spontaneous visits to one's home?

I have a friend who is ill and has told no one close to him. What is a man's opinion of what he might think if I, as a friend, would show up un announced bringing food and good wishes. Just to show support even though support has not been requested.



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  • Ok it's been 2 months but, for future reference:

    My dad does this whenever he's sick and he's had some major health problems. Like me, I think he prefers to be left alone when he's ill.

    On guys preferring a 'heads up' about visits : I was seeing a guy transitioning from friendship to dating, who, when I would be sleeping over last minute ( while I was commuting) his roommate would call ahead and he'd be all dressed up with cologne when I got there :D

    I say : a happy medium; as long as he's sick, bring him stuff he needs about every 3 days and call on your way over, drop it off, ask him if he needs anything, leave.Low energy sickies need a quick visit and guys with a surprise visit like as little social pressure as possible, I've found.

    If he doesn't answer the door just knock and leave stuff outside.

    If this is truly an unselfish act on your part, which I am sure it is, you'll be understanding with however he responds.

    My only other advice : find the most offensively hilarious humor magazine or get-well card you can find to give him, most people love the shock factor of it when they're sick, it wakes them up a little and makes them feel normal. Guys especially, in my experience,love this.

    and guys : hiding p*rn is what bedside tables are for, juts keep it hidden and you won't have to worry, that's what we do ;)


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  • Do it! Most guys don't like asking for help, or making a big deal of things. But any food or medicine or anything that will make him feel better should be graciously accepted.

  • I hate it! I have to hide all the p*rn and put some clothes on! All while they are waiting impatiently at the door...


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