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Double standards: Boring?

So my girl and I have been in a rocky phase.. usually one week on were amazing, one week off were fighting which she intiates and has become a pattern.

So she said I was a boring person yesterday that I dont have much happening in my life and maybe I'm obsessed with her. Then she asked what is 1 thing I did this week that's not boring or without her.

Anyhow, my she knows my routine (work, gym, boxing and hang out with her) occasionally go out with my friends.

Funny part is, she stopped seeing her friends recently she only hangs out with me, doesn't have a job so at home all day and doesn't work out or have an activity.

Now this whole thing got to me because I usually initiate things like going to fun places and do activities with her... according to her
1) she brings up the topic first and I say let's do it (we dont end up doing it cz of her laziness)
2) why dont I do these activities with my friends or by myself.

She thinks I'm obsessed when she calls to see me for 30 minutes between running errands for her family.
Double standards: Boring?
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