Should I date again so soon?

End of Freshnan year of high school I dated a guy for 6 months then sophomore year I dated a guy for 8 months. And now it's been 6 months since my relationship and I really like a guy. But I don't know should I risk our friendship and date him? Or be single for a while longer because you hate always dating some1 and I don't want the reputation that I always need a boyfriend. But I really like him. So what should I do? Honestly.

It's really hard to figure out myself what I want so I need advice on that 2


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  • Well I don't want to sound rude or mean but I don't think anyone can tell you about yourself or what you want, you have to figure that out yourself, no one knows you better than you do so even if someone does give you advice about that, I doubt it would be as good of advice as what you need to do yourself

  • If you really like him then go for it, as far as whether your ready or not, that's something for you to decide, everyone is different and don't worry about what people think do what you feel is right


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