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I need your guys opinion?

So my boyfriend introduced me to his best friend and his best friends girl and we had a double date which was great. I was doing my best to obv include myself and get to know her a little bit and she was super friendly. And she even told my boyfriend “I like her, u better keep her” and that was a couple months ago and I haven’t hung out with her since. For Valentine’s Day she was super responsive when I asked her opinion on what I got my boyfriend and then for his birthday she gave me a one word response. And so a couple days ago I saw that she liked my insta picture but when I went to look at her page, she stopped letting me follow her. I’m super confused because I don’t know if this means she doesn’t like me but I don't know why she wouldn’t because I haven’t seen or talked to her since that day besides asking her opinion on my gift ideas. Should I worry about it?
I need your guys opinion?
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