Expectations of Online Dating?

I met this boy on a dating site. We live really far away from each other and I have only ever seen some pictures of him. I really like him but I do not know if I am actually attracted to him. Has anyone ever been here? I really like who he is as a person but I can not date someone who I do not think is attractive. He is thinking about coming to see me over the summer and I am kind of already having cold feet. Help Please!


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  • To confirm that it really is the same person as in the picture, I highly recommend skype video calls. This way you can make sure you have seen that the picture matches the person who he say he is.

    • agree :))

    • We are both 17 and he is still living w/his parents. He does not have a webcam and I do not think he wants to get one.

  • you like his personality, and you've seen his pictures. what else is there?


    • Thank you! I was just afraid that he would not look like his picture. It is not a very flattering one.

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