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Why would a woman tell me that she felt deep love and then cut all contact?

This lass has given many signs of deep feelings to me, she she has told me that she has a history with an abuser who manipulated her and she is lost in stockholm syndrome and that is why she is cold.
Now, it would be much more simple for me if before ceasing contact if I was given a clear statement like: "I no longer have feelings for you", but she has given me nothing of the sort.

I've had things like "close your heart off to me, this was not meant to be." but that's it, no explanation.

I waited and fought and eventually she came back to me, I said to her that my ability to flow is not the same, it will take time to heal.

She was very apologetic seeing the state I was in and even said that she feels closer to me now because I am closed off...

Well, that lasted a day, she told me that half of her felt a deep love and the other half a deep fear and distrust of me, A fear that I am manipulating her even though she logically concludes otherwise...
When I awoke she had deleted me from all social media and deactivated her accounts for the sites where we communicated.

Later, I got in contact through email, I had a friend query her, he managed to prize from her the statement that she was doing what she was to see if I would fight for her but doesn't think it is moral to let me back in... Here's what followed:

Her: He should stay away from me, really. I don't deserve one like him.

Her: He said it himself.
He needs a truly good woman."

Why? Because you somehow think he deserves better?

Her: Yes. It would be just to satisfy my own selfish desire for him, and not an act of actual care.

- Here is another segment this bloke showed me of their coversation.

Her: I don't have low self-esteem but he is beyond me.

Beyond you, what do you mean by that?

Her: I don't mean that he is above me, he isn't, but he is in a different place, it is difficult to explain

I'm so confused, what on earth is going on?
Why would a woman tell me that she felt deep love and then cut all contact?
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