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Should I double text after being left on seen?

A month ago this guy added me on facebook and texted me. A week after we started texting he invited me out for a drink. So we met up and I thought he was very cute just very awkward. He is a stoner so he was high and he had trouble talking I would open discussions and would have to wait for what felt like THOUSAND YEARS for him to finally somehow explain what he meant to say. He seemed nervous and he smoked a lot of cigarettes. Awkwardly he gave me a compliment on my style. We spent like 5-6 hours together and probably would have spent even more but I had to go home to pack my stuff because I had to go back to my home town in the morning. So he walked me home but there was no kiss. When I woke up I saw that he had texted me a pic of my favorite animal and said "Here you go so it's easier for you to get ready tomorrow". We continued talking and the next week he asked me if I was in his town but I told him that the whole summer I would be in my home town. The week after that he told me that he would come to my home town some day from Monday to Saturday. On Monday we were texting and in a joke he said he would be here on Wednesday so I thought he was really coming that day. The next day I wrote to him "Hey are you coming tomorrow?" and he replied in 2 AM "I'm not sure yet". He didn't show up but we still continued texting. While texting he gave me mixed signals sometimes he would make sexual jokes about us and sometimes he would say something like "I was going to say sexy but then I connected that to the human being behind the profile". He gets high and is into gaming so he isn't active 24/7 but the last 2 days he would reply only after he got home from hanging out but he would reply with a lot of texts. The night before yesterday I didn't reply till it was morning and he had texted me a thousand stuff so in the morning we talked and at one moment he left me on seen. He was gone for a few hours and as I know him he was sleeping but it's been a day and he hasn't replied.
Should I double text after being left on seen?
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