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Is it bad if I tell him I need reassurance?

I’ve been dating/getting to know this guy for 4 months, we’ve become super close friends and have such a great connection emotionally and physically. We have slept together a couple of times, however, whenever we do sleep together afterwards I need reassurance that he still likes me.

In my previous relationship my ex basically ended up using me for sex and I guess you could say it left a mark on me. I’ve told the guy Im dating about this but never told him how after having sex I feel like I need reassurance.

We we slept together a week ago, and while the next day the guy I’m dating did give me some reassurance by continuing to text me even when I didn’t reply, he started to be a bit off with me which made me go into panic mode & most probably came off a bit needy to him as I then initiated the talk with him as I was badly overthinking everything. He said he knew the talk was coming, which most probably explains why he started backing off a little.

We’re now in some sort of weird limbo, I feel like I should most probably explain why I’ve acted the way I have to be able to move forward and so that he knows for future reference. However, I’m worried about it coming off a bit needy asking him for reassurance, I guess it’s also a little scary being vulnerable with him about it. Guys how would you feel if a girl you was dating told you that? Should I open up and tell him or just try work past it without voicing what’s going on in my head?
Is it bad if I tell him I need reassurance?
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