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This guy has a crush on me and I do NOT like him at all. What do I do?

I'm very open minded and admit that if I got to know him better, we could be friends and maybe even something more if I ended up liking him. The thing is, I know for sure that's not gonna happen with him. He's too timid around me to actually talk to me, and I have no interest in talking to him.

I hang out with three of his other friends, and us four have become a little friend group. Our group consists of me, another girl, and 2 guys. Apparently, the guy who has a crush on me, blames his failure with me on the 2 guys in my group. It makes me annoyed to know that he just blames other people for things that are his fault. I also don't like that he's jealous of everyone who talks to me, but doesn't make any effort to have a conversation with me. I'm tempted to pull him aside and tell him I don't like him like that. While I'm very flattered, I feel uncomfortable when he stares at me and in those moments, I just want to tell him how much I don't like him so it all stops. I don't like being near him so he doesn't get the wrong idea. We have band camp together, and they have us do a massage train sometimes for fun, and I hated it when he ended up being the one to massage me and the one I had to massage. I dealt with it because I act like I'm neutral to him, but since I know he has a crush on me, I know he has an alternative motive, and knowing that makes me uncomfortable. I know it can be hard to approach someone when you have a crush on them, but if you're gonna blame your failure with them on your own friends, you better have put in some effort before hand.

I'm just not attracted to him at all. I think we could be friends if I didn't know he had a crush on me, but I just don't like being near him. I feel gross and exposed when he looks at me. I want to be nice, and I do treat him nicely, I just don't know what to do. Do I just wait for him to not have a crush on me? Or wait for him to make a move and shut him down? I sympathize with him, but don't like him
This guy has a crush on me and I do NOT like him at all. What do I do?
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