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Advice: he assaulted her?

Ill put a TLDR at the bottom, I truly need advice on this.
My best friend and her boyfriend recently broke up. Her boyfriend was my boyfriend’s best friend. She confided in us that he was selfish and manipulative, had sexually assaulted her, and borderline raped her, numerous times. They dated for barely a month. (Extremely coerced, pressured, she was unwilling.)
When she dumped him, he went psycho. We all cut connections (the rest of our group). My friend is now deliberating taking him back, saying l$4 can change”.
How do I keep him out of my life? And do I have to accept him in hers? I love her deeply and losing her friendship isn’t an option here.

TLDR: best friend was abused by a boyfriend of a month. We all hate him. Now she wants him back.
Advice: he assaulted her?
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