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What do I need to change?

I've been dating for a year. I've met 5 different girls. 4 of which I've rejected and 1 I was about to stop dating but she got their first lol. All came from tinder. They all say I'm a very attractive guy, and like me a lot so getting a girl isn't too much an issue I think but I can always improve. I body build, come from a very good upper class family, and have a good job working 12 hour shifts for an engineering internship in construction. So few women are in construction. For the shift reason, I've only been on tinder. All the girls I've met I've liked, have the same interests, but i find out they all party too hard, have dad issues, depression, broken families etc. They have the same problems my ex had. I feel like I just keep meeting all these broken girls and I can't emotionally go through that again. Like I said I've liked them all but when I find out more I bail. Can anything good come from tinder or where can I find a good person? Is this just dating being hard or am I unlucky and just not finding girls in the right place? I think I need to meet more in person than online.
What do I need to change?
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