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Is she trying to get back at me?

We liked eachother with this girl, then things happened we ended up being just friends until a mutual friend told her that I was saying bad things behind her back about her (which I didn’t) but I didn’t want to bother arguing a “lost war” so I let her get angry at me and leave from my life (idc since I know the truth and I’m on the right side).
Fastfoward to a few months later she liked my profile pic on facebook (which was sort of weird) and I have seen her a few times in public and I think I heard her saying like: oh look, is that ******?(my name), and as far as I know she muted me on instagram but still follows me and today I saw that she opened my story (meaning that she unmuted me).
what does this mean, and should I do anything or just continue with my life?
Is she trying to get back at me?
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