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How can I handle trusting my partner?

I grew up with a verbally abusive father growing up, he was in/out of my life and put me down.
I would seek friends to open up to and express my anxieties but then they put me down and told me my life is too complicated and I am too much. So I fear to be a burden to anyone I talk to. I have a habit, I will ask the person If I was annoying you or texting too much let me know ok? Or I will say, if you do not like hearing from me it is ok to tell me depending on the way they respond.

My partner is a repressed gay woman, her mother does not accept her for being gay. She often lives a very controlled life as a result of her mother. I know she is not with other women, I trust her. I am kind, I am understanding but I have my issues just like anyone else.

I trust her but at the same time, I always am waiting for her to betray me. How can I stop doing that o express to her why I am like this?
How can I handle trusting my partner?
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