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A fling or something else?

The bartender I was crushing on came on to me and basically we hung out every night 4 nearly three weeks and she would tell me that she was in an on-and-off relationship and she live with the guy and she didn't want me to get too attached but then she tell me like really personal details about her life and claimed that she didn't tell anyone about them and just when things were getting really intense she was on her way to my house and then called me and told me that she wants to be with him and doesn't even want me and I'm not even her type and I was very confused since then she's been pushing me away as if I did something really bad to her and I just don't understand why , the fifth time she came over we had sex for the first time and I admitted to her that I was a virgin and she seemed to not believe me so maybe she truly believes I'm some kind of liar but if she just wanted sex I don't see why that would matter...
A fling or something else?
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