First date for nsa relation?

This is a question from a guy to our girls...

I started talking with a girl online on a dating site. We were both looking for nsa relation. Nice chat, emails and pics exchange. Tried to make sure she was not a fake. So we decide to meet for lunch. We setup a day and a place. Few hrs before the date, the girl cancels on me asking to do it another day. Since then she stops the communication with me. No answers to my emails or text anymore.

After 1 month, on another dating site I meet another woman looking for nsa. Exactly same storyline! We setup for a date, she cancels and never replies to me anymore.

Is this normal? Why do you think this happens? And twice!?!?



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  • Because woman are not into nsa relationships, NOT REALLY, and then is easy for them to just give up and get back in her words



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