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Would you have given this guy a second chance?

Recently, I was beginning to talk to someone I met from online. We had a good convo on the phone before meeting up. When we met in person, we discussed tentatively meeting up the next day to go for breakfast. He mentioned that he would reach out the next day to schedule plans. The next day comes and I don’t hear from him until the evening (can’t remember if it was the evening or the following day). I gave him the cold shoulder because he pretty much stood me up. I told him why I was perturbed with him and he did not see an issue. He apologized, mentioned that he got called into work unexpectedly and had a busy day. We talked on the phone and I mentioned that I would consider wanting to talk to him again. He follows up the next day to check on me and I ghosted him.
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Would you have given this guy a second chance?
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